If you ask me what’s the best cuisine in the world? I’m gonna answer Indonesian Cuisines for sure ! No matter how i love the food from around the world, my heart still goes to Indonesian Cuisines. Indonesian cuisines have a richness of taste since most of their food are heavy seasoned. Talking about Indonesian Cuisines, Bunga Rampai should be include as one of Indonesian Restaurant that you should try in the town.

Bunga Rampai is one of Jakarta’s known restaurant that has been established since July 7,2007. Bunga Rampai has an unique fine dining concept with various culinary delights from Indonesia under old colonial house. Each food is prepared using authentic Indonesian recipes and still tune with today’s flavor.

As mentioned before, Bunga Rampao located under colonial architecture which built in the early 1990s. The building was once for the meeting point for national figures during the Revolution area. You can see the authentic structure of the building from the first time you enter this Restaurant. With a classic-modern decoration, Bunga Rampai has three-story restaurant that can accomodate approximately 300-600 people. A three-story restaurant concept brings more excitement on your experience and make you want to come back here for sure.

 Third Floor

Casual Dining on third Floor

On this visit, I choose the 3rd Floor since it’s more casual and it’s so comfortable to be here. The second floor is more private and the first floor is more suitable if you brings your family here. They also have a private room that can be booked for any events, you can book the room with minimum order approximately 2.5 million – 3.5 million depend on the capacity of room that you’re gonna use. So are you searching for a restaurant with a good ambience for your special event like bridal shower, baby shower or any events? This one can be your option.

Talking about the food, I have been provided with “Sebelas Sajian Bunga Rampai” menu as the celebration of their 11 years anniversary. They provide me with 11 menus which being known as a highlight menu from Bunga Rampai. So here we go some review of their Sajian Bunga Rampai:

 Sosis Gedongan

Itik Keling

1. Sosis Gedongan – 291k
80 centimeters sausage? Just wow ! The presentation it’s quite surprise and the size also that big.  Being boiled with beef herb and served with mustard sauce, chili sauce and pickle cucumber. The taste itself is a little bit sour comes from the mustard sauce, not my favourite here but still good to try.

2. Itik Keling – 190.05 k
Deep fried duck with chili and shrimp taste, what other thing do you need except this? This one is one of my favourite menu on my visit. I expect the sauce gonna be so spicy, but well i’m not getting it because the chili sauce basically made from tomatoes. However, the fried duck is so tender and that’s what i love about this menu.

3. Pindang Udang Palembang – 177.5 k
Pindang is must-eat food when i visit Palembang and i really love their pindang patin so much ! And now they make the same thing and use prawn instead of ikan patin. The main thing of this food is their soup. Pindang being known as a savory, sour and a little bit spicy taste. And this menu success to bring that taste perfectly!

 Pindang Udang Palembang

Kerapu Kuah Asam

4. Kerapu Kuah Asam – 108k/ons
You have to eat this on heated condition, it’s gonna be so good because they use some of herbs to bring the bold flavour on the soup. They use lemongrass, green tomato, red tomato, spring onion and calamani juice broth in their soup and it blends perfectly with a freshness of their kerapu. I just wish they can make it more sour than this.

Kering Garing Kwetiau

5. Kering Garing Kwetiau – 75k
Crispy rice flat noodle (being known as kwetiau) with scrambled egg, clam, chinese chives, spring onion, mung bean sprout and dried chilli. It’s sound simple, isn’t it? The taste is not as simple as that, there’s a sour taste in it and the texture is make perfectly. Must-order menu in this restaurant.

6. Tumis Ayam Mantap Rasa – 95k
Like the title of their menu, this stir fried minced chicken has a delicious taste in it and make me just want to eat this the whole time. Among other menu, i take this again and again. With wonder berry, red chilli, green chilli, shallot, garlic and sweet soya sauce, everything just on the point and the richness of taste is no doubt!

7. Es Kopyor Duren – 145k
Whos’ not love Durian? (yeah maybe some of you don’t). But durian is my favourite one and this review gonna be subjective. Chimera coconut topped with a dollop of durian compote, it’s a good thing that you can have to end the journey of your lunch. Durian is a highlight of this menu and it’s fresh and so good. No word to decribe how i love this!

Honorable Mention : Mahkota Dewa, Apem Cukit, Es Kopyor Alpukat and Poffertjes. This is also the part of Sebelas Sajian Bunga Rampai, but since i’m not trying any of this so i couldn’t give any review.  So let’s enjoy the great food under the authentic structure of colonial building with a great service from Bunga Rampai. Book your seat now!

Bunga Rampai Restaurant
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 35, Menteng, Jakarta

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