Hello guys, it’s time for travel blog ! I’m not really good to share the details from my travel experience (yeah since i’m not a detailed person) but i will try with some help from my bestfriend (if you read this, you know who you are). So last August, i went to Taiwan and if you ask me “Why are you going there?”  I even don’t know why, just because of the “bridal shower” thing and i never been there before, so why not?

Taiwan is being known at Indonesia because of their Taiwanese Drama  commonly called TDrama or TWDrama. As the K-Drama lover, i should say TDrama has a huge fans at Indonesia and it happens from many years ago (approximately 2000’s)  since F4 Invasion through “Meteor Garden”. So I’m gonna talk about how to and what to do or anything related travelling there on this post. And i hope that can help you who plans to the Taiwan!

Guess What? This photo taken on their rest area

Do we need Visa?

At first, i don’t think we need visa because i don’t need it when i went to Hongkong (you can check my previous post about HK Trip here). But the fact is we need Visa and the requirement and how to get the visa you can check here for your reference.

FYI, if you have US, UK, Schengen, Korea, Japan and Australian Visa, you don’t need to apply Visa and just need to fill the online form registration here and then you got your permission to visit taiwan! In my case, i have my Korean Visa which expired May 2017 and it still can be used anyway. So i just need less than 5 minutes to fill the online registration form below and here we go Taiwan!

A weather quite extreme here.
This photo taken when the sun is so hot
and 10 minutes after that a big rain is coming

Will I be able to travel there without knowing any Mandarin?

Yes, if you ask me about a traffic sign there. You will find a lots of English signs at Bus Station, MRT Station and Touristic Spot.  The problem for me is when we have to eat in the restaurant, because some restaurant doesn’t have English menu and we have to order based on chinese menu (This is a big problem LOL). And also most of them just can speak a bit of English, so it will be better if you can speak chinese or bring the travel partner that can speak chinese (Fortunately i have this one in my trip) or just use TranslateImages with google (I did this a lot lol).

View from Jiufen

How many days should i plan to Taiwan?

It’s a little bit tricky answer and it depends on what do you wanna do there. If you just want to explore Taipei, i think 5 days is enough. But if you want to explore another city of Taiwan like Taichung, Kaohsiung, Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung i think you need maybe 2 weeks to finish that lol.

In my case, i have arrived on 17 August on the evening and went home on 24 August on the evening too and i just visit Taipei, Taichung, Hualien, Hsinchu County and Nantou County. And believe me i’m not exploring every city that much due to the limitation of time (you will know soon how my itinerary here).

 A magnificent Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Natural Landscape

What i have to buy on airport once i arrive?

1. Easy Card : This is can be used for public transportation and also to buy something in the gorcery. You can use this to pay the parking fee and when you fuel the gas (if you’re driving in Taiwan). You can refund the rest of amount in this card when you’re going home (but i keep it to be used on the few years if i’m back again lol).

2. Cellular Data : i think we can’t live without cellular data, are we? So we have to buy the SIM Card with unlimited and good network for more than 10 days (arounds 500 NTD) or you can just rent the modem from Indonesia (i’m also using rental pocket wifi named Wifi-Republic, check for the details here)

 A view you will get
from driving to Hualien

Driving while enjoy this scenery

Can we drive in Taiwan?

The reason why i put this question is because i have to drive from Taipei to another city (i used mass public transportation in Taipei). You can drive in Taiwan as long as you have International Driver's Permit (IDP). For Indonesian, you have to go to Korlantas Polri SIM International located at Jl. Letjen M.T. Haryono No.37-38, RT.8/RW.2, Cikoko, Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12770

You have to prepare documents below and apply for IDP. Don't worry it doesn't take so much time, just around 15 minutes (if there's no issue on your documents). Documents to prepare:

1. Copy and Original Identity Card (KTP)
2. Copy and Original Driving License (SIM)
3. Copy and Original Passport
4. 4 (four) pieces of photo 4x6 with blue background and you're using blazer
5. Stamp Duty Rp 6.000,- (Materai)

Driving in Taiwan quite different with Indonesia, so you have to do the research about their rules and regulations. I will give you some informations (including our rental car here) that can help you to drive in Taiwan:

1. All highways in Taiwan are tolled electronically. The rental car will charge you with tolls expenses when you returning the car.
2. Easy card is needed to pay the parking fee so make sure that you have amount on your card.
3. Traffic in Taiwan moves along the right side of the road.
4. You are not allowed to turn right at a red light
5. Everyone must be properly secured with a seat belt (yes it’s quite strict here).
6. Many drivers run red lights so if you’re first at the lights when they change to green, don’t pull away immediately
7. Honking a horn is used as a warning only

Memorial Hall

Qingjing Farm

Where do you stay at Taiwan?

I stay at some places and here’s the list (and i put the link too maybe can be your reference)

1. Taipei (Airbnb)

I stay in the apartement at Zhongzheng District, it can be for 6 persons actually and the location is near the MRT station. You can check here for price and details

2. Taichung (Airbnb)

Because this is just transit area for me and i arrived on the night, so i choose to stay on private room with a very affordable price and honestly it’s not bad at all. The location is near their night market so i can go to the night market and buy some stuff before sleeping lol. You can check here for price and details.

3. Sun Moon Lake (Love Home Lake Hotel)

Located at Nantou County, this area is like a small town and it’s so quite here. I choose here because i thought i’m gonna have a lake view or mountain view but i’m not getting any of that. It’s quite disappointed but looking for a price i think it’s reasonable i can’t get any of view lol. Click here to check the details!

4. Hualien (Sara’s House B&B)

It’s hard to find this guest house to be honest and one issue for me is the Air Conditioning not working well so it’s quite hot and i couldn’t sleep well. If you need the details,you can check here.

What to do in Taipei?

What you can find at Night Market
Have tried many bubble tea and this one its
the best one

1. Shilin Night Market

This place is being known as the largest and most popular night markets in Taiwan! Seriously you can’t find any taiwanese street food here and that’s why i visited this night markets twice ! For me this also the best place to shop because the price is not too expensive and affordable for me.

You have to eat their fresh mango, tiger sugar brown (this is the best bubble brown sugar in Taiwan for me), cheesy squid, sweet potato and many more ! Must visit place on Taipei !

Chiang Kaik Sek Statute

They can't move even a little bit 😮

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

                            Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

2. Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

A historical museum that should be visited by everyone who comes to Taiwan. You can find the reason why the history of Taiwan and what’s the relation with the Republic of China and many mores. I’m personally love this memorial hall, because it gives me so much information about who’s Chiang Kai Sek, a man behind this country (it’s like Soekarno for Indonesian Citizen).

Tamsui Street Food

Tamsui Street Food

3. Tamsui Old Street

One of most recommended street to explore at Taiwan, this street full of shops, restaurants and taiwan street snacks. Had a great snack-time here since you can find their snacks everywhere. You also can buy some souvenir since the price is reasonable even though the shilin market offers you a cheaper price.

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

 4. Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Having a big expectation about this place because i have visited the place with same name at Macau. You can just see the bridge and port here and that's it. The place itself quite full of people and i don't know why they're here. Highly not recommended for me.

5. Ximenting

This place remind me a lot about Hongdae at South Korea, because you can find many of young people from Taiwan here. You can find fashion clothing shops, bars, restaurants, pubs and street attractions here. The price itself more expensive than Shilin Night Market, so if you're coming here to find something to buy, you better go to Shilin. However if you want to explore something more "city" , this place is must visit then.

What to visit outside Taipei?

Yehliu Geopark

1. Yehliu Geopark

I'm using the service of Kkday Tour here since the place itself located on north coast of Taiwan. Quick review about this travel tour, it's quite strict about time (which is i love it) and the tour leader is really good at English (thanks God). The place itself is a landscape of rocks and well known for their Queen's Head and Dragon's Head. It's a must visit landscape in Taiwan.

I wish I can travel around the worlds

My Favourite Shifen Drinks

2. Shifen Old Street

A part of Kkday Tour, this place is one of the main attraction to write your wishes on a sky lantern.Each colour has a different meaning from relationship, wealth, health, love and etc. It's a tourist gimmick actually but it's pretty cool. You also can find some food and gift shop here with a quite expensive price.

Spirited Away

3. Jiufen

Still part of KKday Tour, Jiufen being famous because one of my favourite animation film all the time, Spirited Away. Some of you may not familiar with this movie, so this visit gonna be either great or boring for you. So basically this town is the inspiration from the movie and when you went here (and if you watch the movie), you will being reminded of the movie. Don't worry, if you don't know this movie, you can go shopping here because there are many stores here too.

4. Leofoo Village Theme Park

Driving from Taipei, Leofoo is a theme park located at Guanxi. If you love to visit the theme park, it's must visit place then because it's really easy to find a way here (because the place itself not really wide) and you can challenge your adrenalin here through the famous Screaming Condor which ever being used by Running Man team as challenge. Me? I'm sorry i'm not #TeamThemePark ☺

5. Rainbow Village

Instagramable Spot is coming ! Located at Taichung, it's a street art gallery with super cute and colourful artwork. It's a popular tourist attractions, so it's going to be crowded and have to wait to take every photo in their spot.

Let's Cycling

6. Sun Moon Lake

One of the most beautiful destinations in Taiwan, being highly recommend by bunch of people and finally i can be here and i'm not regret it all. Even the weather is so rainy when i was here (yes and I'm cycling through the super big rain like taiwan drama to chase my love lol), i'm being amazed by the view here and it's worth it. One of the must thing to do is cycling around this place because they have one of the best cycling trail in the world and it's beautiful indeed!

7. QingJing Farm

On the way driving from Sun Moon Lake to Hualien, we suddenly decide to visit this place who being known as "A New Zealand at Taiwan". And we're not regret it at all because i do agree it looks like a small new zealand with super great scenery. No need to talk a lot about this, just visit this place and you will agree with me that this is must-visit place at Taiwan.

8. Taroko National Park

My tips for you guys if you want to explore this place (i do believe you want it when you googling this place), spare 1 (one) day to do hiking in this park. They have a lot of trails to be explored and unfortunately I arrived on the evening (4 PM) and i just can explore only one trail 😑

Qingshui Cliff

National Art Centre

There's another place that i visited on Hualien, but i don't think it's necessary to visit. It's Hualien Night Market (couldn't find anything to buy here), Qingshui Cliff (just a great cliff with a great view, but that's it) and National Centre For Traditional Arts (I don't know usually i love the museum, but this one just boring for me). Anyway it's back to everyone preference, so just googling and if you think you're gonna love this places, just put that on your itinerary.

Qingshui Cliff

So it's the end of my blog about my Taiwan's trip, i hope this can help you guys to make your own itinerary and have a great trip at Taiwan. See you on my next Food and Travel Blog. Anyeong !



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