안녕하세요 친구 ! How are you guys? I hope you guys happy with your own life ya. Now let me introduce you one of must visited resort if you want to spend your holiday in Puncak Area. It’s Novus Giri Puncak Resort and Spa. Located in the mountainous region, Novus Giri Puncak is the best choice to spend your time with your own family and take a break for a while from your current activity.

At the first time, i thought it’s gonna be boring to stay here since for me there’s nothing to explore in Puncak Area especially the scenery. But well i was wrong, Novus Giri Puncak brings you the scenery of majestic Mount Gede, with rugged blue mountainous landscapes on 3.8 hectares of land. It’s simply amazing and a little bit remind me of the scenery of Bali for sure.

With the 111 rooms and suites, Novus Giri Puncak are built from natural stone, marble and wood from West Java. It makes their rooms and suites looks aesthetic and well- pleasing for me. Basically Novus Giri Puncak has a three rooms categories, namely Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Superior Rooms. Suite Rooms being categorized in 4 Suite, namely Pool Suite, Vallery View Suite, Garden View Suite and Duplex Suite.

Deluxe Rooms decorated in an elegant natural style and have a private balcony or terrace and overlooking garden or swimming pool. Superior Rooms has a private wooden deck balcony or terrace with garden view and designed as twin bedded rooms.

I choose to stay at Duplex Suite with a two-story bedroom with an upper room and lower room level. It’s designed for the family trip, so you can still connected to your family in upper or lower room. This suite has a private plunge pool on their lower room with a really mild water and great view as well, one of the reason why i loves this duplex suite. From the upper room, you can get a charming and beautiful sunrise view here and that’s why it reminds me a little bit of Bali Vibe.

I recommend you to bring your family here because i think you can just stay here without going anywhere because you have everything to do here. If you want to take make your muscle, they have a swimming pool, tennis court and table tennis as your activity. If you want to get relaxed, they have a Spa with a great scenery of Puncak Area. Do you want to have some fun with your children? They have Rabbit Village and Kids Club which will bring happiness for your son or daughter.

If we don’t have to go anywhere, what if we’re hungry and want to eat something? Don’t worry guys, Novus Giri Puncak has the Bamboo Restaurant to satisfy your tummy. Bamboo Restaurant serve you with the asian corner, indonesia corner, pasta and pizza corner, salad corner and of course dessert. You can have a buffet menu for their breakfast or ala carte if you want to get lunch or dinner here.

At the Bamboo Restaurant you also can choose to be seated indoor and outdoor area. Outdoor area highly recommended for me, you can eat your food while enjoy the freshness of Puncak Area. I had my lunch here twice and hereby some highlight menu that i tried in this restaurant:

Nasi Goreng Novus
Novus style fried rice with prawn, smoked beef, chicken and crackers. It’s simple fried rice and brings you the traditional taste of fried rice.

Mie Goreng
I don’t know why but i love their mie goreng so much. This is always be my top choice from breakfast to dinner. It’s so tasty and make me want to eat it more and more (no wonder i’m going back and forth to the this corner on breakfast). For ala carte menu they use prawn, chicken, meatballs and vegetables which make it more tasteful.

Es Kepal
Give a try of their new menu, Es Kepal with chocolate. Surprisingly it's so good and not that sweet like what i heard about es kepal at Jakarta. I can finish it by myself without any doubt! 

Oppa what if i want to explore Puncak Area? Well Novus Giri Puncak located at a strategic area which nears some recreation places such as Cibodas Botanical Garden, The Canopy Trail, Cibeureum Waterfall, Tea Walk, Taman Safari Cisarua and Taman Bunga Nusantara.If Novus Giri Puncak has everything you need to spend your holiday, what are you waiting for? Book your reservation now !

Novus Giri Puncak
Jl. Sindanglaya Raya No.180
Cipanas - West Java
021- 5323672


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