Om Swastiatu ! Hi guys, if you guys remember my previous post about Desa Visesa Ubud then you will remember that i promise you to share my experience about their restaurant in a separate blog post. Well I’m so sorry that it needs more than 2 months to fullfill my promise to you guys. So here we go! The wait is over and i will share my experience on one of Desa Visesa Restaurant called “Warung Tani”.

Located inside Desa Visesa Ubud area, Warung Tani has a great spot to enjoy your meal while watching the beauty of nature. I’m not exaggerating this but as i mentioned before in my previous post, Desa Visesa Ubud has an amazing scenery that will make you grateful to be a part of Indonesia. With a living kitchen and surrounded by their permaculture area and farming garden, Warung Tani without any doubt bring the nature dining experience to your table.

How about’s the menu? You can discover authentic balinese traditional culinary that is built around Base Gede (“Bumbu”), which directly taken from their farm and bring a perfectly balanced spice paste that’s what Bali dishes are made of. Warung tani has an outdoor and indoor area which can be filled by around 50 (fifty) persons. You can see balinese traditional element from their decoration which can bring you more experience what it feels to have a brunch at Bali.

Their friendly staffs who give their best smile everytime we need them, bring more satisfication about this restaurant and also affirm that Bali is the most friendly island in the world. After long explanation about the other side of this restaurant, let’s talk about how they serve you with the food. 

First of all, i would say two thumbs up for the presentation of their food, it’s simply beautiful and present the culture of balinese food in their plate. How about the taste? Here we go some highlights of their menu:

Nila Panggang

Udang Mekuah

1. Nila Panggang – 75k
Let’s start rom something simple with indigo fish being marinated and grilled with Base Genep. What’s Base Genep? Base genep is a multi-layered spice paste that appears in many Balinese dishes, which contains all the spices taste in this food as well. It’s also bring the flavour of tasty and savoury in this food and being completed with their sambal matah sauce.  Served with corn rice, this menu absolutely my favourite from the taste and don’t forget the freshness of their fish is no joke at all.

2. Udang Mekuah – 75k
Prawn served with corn rice and using chili lemongrass and turmeric broth, can you imagine how spicy it is? Well it’s more hot and mild than spicy for me and it comes from their turmeric broth. The taste of the broth is so dominant here and the texture of prawn unfortunately is quite flaccid or i can say it’s too soft for me.

Bebek Menyanyah

3. Bebek Menyanyah – 75k
Who’s agree that the best indonesian roasted duck always come from Bali. I’m in love with their spicy roasted duck which served with sweet potato rice. Everything here are on the point for me, it’s cooked perfectly and the texture is tender as well. The spiceness is not thats trong but you can still feel the spice taste here. Well once again Bali has proved me they’re the master of roasted duck i think.

 Jaje Lukis


4. Jaje Lukis – 25k
Jaje Lukis is one of traditional Balinese snack that made from steamed rice cake and served with palm sugar sauce and grated coconut. The texture is chewy and sticky as well, the taste itself is a little bit sweet in a good way. I love this traditional snack so much and 3 pieces are not enough for me.

5. Laklak – 25k
This one also traditional Balinese snack, but this one is made from rice flour. Pandan flavour is added here to put great aroma to the cake. The sweet taste of this cake makes me get addicted and want to eat more and more. Bali is specialist on this kind of snack i think !

I also ordered their es kelapa muda and their signature called “Es Serut Pelangi”, i couldn’t choose both of them since it’s refreshing and not too sweet for my preference. With the price that have been mentioned before, i think it’s affordable for tourist price (especially in Bali) since they also provide the great ambience here. 

So what are you waiting for? Just stay at Desa Visesa Ubud to stay and have your lunch here or just simply come to Warung Tani to have their delicious food. See you in the next post!
                                                                                         Warung Tani – Desa Visesa Ubud
Jalan Suweta, Ubud, Bali
(0361) 2091 788

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