Hello guys, welcome to the third month of this year! Yes, March is coming ! Starting this new month with some healthy foods (i hope so) from the newly opened restaurant named as "Seed". As you guys know I'm not a big fan of healthy food things but this one is an exception and you have to try this when you going around the Kemang area.

Located at Jalan Kemang Raya No. 88, Kemang, South Jakarta, you can find their place easily and they also have a quite spacious parking area if you bring your own car. The decoration of Seed Jakarta is quite simple, the wall dominated with white color and has a white stripe pattern. It's really typical of brunch restaurants which bring the coziness for everyone who's gonna having their brunch here. 

Since it's a newly opened restaurant, I don't need a long time to get my food. As I mentioned earlier, Seed Jakarta has a healthy food menu and also some brunch menus that you can consider to try because it's really good for me. So here we go some simple review about their foods!

1. Quinoa Fried Rice

I never imagine that quinoa rice can be processed to be a bowl of fried rice and Seed Jakarta Restaurant can do that thing. Yes, this is stir-fried quinoa served with vegetables and sunny side up. I know you're wondering how the taste gonna be like and I should say I'm impressed because it turns out really good! Quinoa's light and fluffy texture with sunny side up it's a new healthy food experience for me. Ps : Don't expect too much typical MSG's taste in this fried rice, because you're not gonna find it lol.

2. Mixed Berries Pancake

Fluffy pancakes for your brunch? Yes, for sure! This pancake from Seed Jakarta served with berries, meringue, passion fruit and pineapple custard. I don't have any comment about their pancake's texture since I took some photographs before so it's not fair to review that. But if you ask me, how's the taste of their toppings, I should say I love the berries because it's refreshing and also the pineapple custard's flavor is great. 

3. Creamy Truffled Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara Oppa? Is that really common? Yes, it is but you can find something delicious in common thing right? Adore their truffle mushroom sauce, it's beyond my expectation. You get the creamy thing without being too much. Simply, one of my favorite menu at Seed Jakarta.

4. Umami Beef Cheek

This is so-umami! 8-hour slow cooked beef cheek served with mashed potato, broccoli and onions from Seed Jakarta is something you have to order here. Yes, it's umami of course and the soft texture of their beef cheek is capture my heart. Another love for their mashed potato, another umami in this menu.

5. Sticky Date Pudding

So this is my final menu from Seed Jakarta and this dessert is HAVE TO ORDER menu here. Imagine burnt white chocolate melted in your mouth and bring the sweet and delicious flavor. It's absolutely delicious and makes me sure that this restaurant is recommended for you.

That's all for Seed Restaurant, I hope this can guide you to pick what you have to order here. Give a try and see you on another blog post!

Seed Jakarta Restaurant
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 88, Kemang
021-21889061 ext 310

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