Anyeonghaseyo, welcome back to my blog ! On this new post, I'm gonna give you a new experience of food that i haven't ever reviewed yet. I will bring you guys to Italian Restaurant called "Pippo".

Pippo is located at Senayan City Mall and has been operating since July 2017. As an italian restaurant, the food itself also prepare and cooked by Italian Chef who bring North Italian style in their food.

Beside the restaurant, Pippo also have a cum bar to introduce the heart of Italian drinking and eating culture in Indonesia. So if you ask about the ambience of this restaurant, they can make you feel like home with a touch of modernity in their decoration.

So now we're gonna talk about the food, this is some highlights of their food that can be your reference for sure !

1. Gnocchi In Saffron Cream Sauce - 145k
Probably one of my favorite pasta among the others that I ordered that time. For you who doesn't know what's gnocchi is, Gnocchi is  the soft dough dumplings made from potato which are usually eaten as replacement for pasta. 

Their gnocchi is so soft and probably one of the best gnocchi I ever tasted before in Jakarta. It's creamy but not too much. Must ordered menu i think !

2. Italian Meatballs - 150k
As you can know from the name itself, it's the pizza with Italian meatballs, rucolla and cheese on the top. Italian pizza known as their "not thick" pizza and that's why i love it. Me actually quite love this pizza.

 Gnocchi In Saffron
Cream Sauce

Italian Meatballs

3. Tagliolini Toma E Tartufo - 185k
I'm a big fan of cheese and also truffle. So when i know that this pasta is made from that two elements, who can deny this temptation? Made from homemade spaghetti, the texture of their pasta is quite unique for me. The texture like "mie keriting" and with mixed of cheese and truffle is absolutely super. 

4. Seafood and Rucola - 155k
The texture exactly the same with italian meatballs. What make this different is the topping on the top of pizza. They put more rucola and use the prawn and squid instead of meatballs. 

 Seafood and Rucola

Taglioni Toma
E Tartufo

5. Tagliolini Al Limone - 105k
Pasta with creamy lemon based sauce and fresh chili is completely unique and never being tasted by me before. I think the lemonade taste not that strong in this pasta, since I'm a fan of something sour, i wish it can be more. 

6. Mixed Bruschetta - 60k
They serve you three variant of bruschetta : Mushroom, Rucola & Cheese and Tomato. Bruschetta itself is toasted italian bread drenched in olive oil. My favorite topping is mushroom of course! Their bruschetta taste is savory and the texture is so crunchy.

 Tagliolini Al

Mixed Bruschetta

7.  Tiramisu - 80k
Tiramisu is common dessert Oppa, isn't it? Hell no if you're order Tiramisu in this restaurant. They're not using Rum as usual tiramisu. They're using Amaretto, a sweet italian liqueur which make the taste so different and delicious.


Pippo absolutely success bring me to the Italian food experience. They're not just success on bring the italian ambience but also bring the flavours of Italian to your food.

Pippo Restaurant
Senayan City, Lantai Lower Ground

Pippo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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