Anyeonghaseyo !! Through this post i want to share my experience at Namaaz Dining, one of most talked fine dining restaurant at Jakarta. I have heard about this restaurant and how good the experience it is and how packed their reservation (even my friend said you have to  book 2-3 months before). And finally the time has come, thanks to Danone for making their new product press release called “Caaya” here.

My fellow foodies

Namaaz Dining's Chef and Danone Team

Caaya Press Release

So before we talked about my experience in the Namaaz Dining, let me share you what about Caaya which also become my favourite on that night.  With tagline “Rangkaian Teh Indonesia” , Caaya inspired by the nature and culture of Indonesia and of course with the taste of Indonesia. Caaya has 3 (three) variants as follows:

Revive Me Jasmine
Without any doubt, Jasmine has become a favourite taste of tea for Indonesian people and so do I.

Soothe Me Vanilla Pandan
If you ask me which one my favourite among three variants, i will choose this Vanilla Pandan without any hesitation! Taste of pandan is so dominant here and it’s so refreshing for me. Ps: I’m actually addicted with this nowadays and drink this at least once a week

Power Me Toasted Rice
If you love korean cuisine, you probably know Sikhye and this variant taste a little bit same. Sikhye itself is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served in the Korean Restaurant as dessert.
 Caaya Indonesia

Caaya, Rangkaian Teh Indonesia

Caaya is now available in your nearest supermarket like Ranch Market, Farmer Market, Foodhall, Grand Lucky, AEON, Kem Chicks and Lulu. They also have the online official store at Lazada and Shopee. So what are you waiting for? Just try it by yourself.

After a little bit preview about Caaya, now let we talk about Namaaz Dining. Namaaz Dining is known as the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Indonesia which serves Indonesian food as its signature dishes. Actually i don’t have any idea about what’s “molecular gastronomy” it is until i try this restaurant by myself. So a little explanation about molecular gastronomy, it’s something related to chemical processes that occur while cooking. Molecular gastronomy also incorporates the social and artistic components which you will see in this post.

 Telur Mentah


Namaaz Dining has a quite limited space and that kind of shock because i think the fine dining restaurant usually has a spacious place (then i found in their website they called themselves not “fine dining” but “fun dining” which is 10000000% true because it’s so fun to be here). They just can accomodate 28 (twenty eight) seats every night and in this event I think we have more than 28 (that’s why it’s so packed on that night).

Before i give some review about their food, please kindly note that they’re not giving you any menu here. They will provide you with 17 course creations which will be changed every season, so this review will help you to get an understanding about the experience of molecular gastronomy. So check this out!
 Udang di balik batu

Daging Semangka (?)

Opor ayam dari secarik kertas (OMG)

Telur Mentah
They make me amazed even from the very first dessert. Firstly their presentation is so unique and make me wondering how i’m gonna eat this and why i should eat “raw egg” in this fancy restaurant. And you know what? It’s not raw egg but it’s mango ! The taste of mango is so good and have a balance flavour between sweet and sour. Feeling amazed? Checked.

I can’t handle how funny the name of this food (if you’re indonesian, you know why). The taste itself it’s a little bit spicy made from “sambal tinoransak” .

Udang di balik batu
Another insane creativity shown in this menu. So they provide us a pile of stones in our table and they warns me to eat it carefully because some of it are the real stone and the rest are prawn (udang urap). It’s so creative and fun! The prawn has a sambal roa taste which brings a little bit flavour of fish in it and wrapped with onde-onde . One of memorable menu on that night.

 Keripik Balado

Kelereng aka Gundu

Oh yes this is how fine dining should be, that’s my reaction when i saw this menu comes to my table. I think it’s a slice of meat and then once again i’m totally wrong. It’s watermelon which dried for around 18 (eighteen) hours. My jaw are almost off right now.

Opor ayam
As you can see below, they just serve me with a pencil and “Caaya” Logo. And you know what it is? It’s opor ayam. I’m just eat it and what ? How you can bring the flavours of opor ayam in this presentation? At this point, i’m agree they are not fine dining but fun dining because it’s extremely fun!

Keripik Balado
I’m tired of their creativity. Once again from the first look, i think taste of balado will be come from keripik but hell no. Taste of balado comes from the thing that you think just a property in this menu. Yes it comes from the candle. HOW ON EARTH.

Tumis Cumi

 Gulai Tunjang

Something that i forget what name it is

Tumis cumi
We have been asked to download the app (i forget the name of the app but it’s related with QR thing) and we use that application to scan the barcode on our plate. Magical thing happen, we can see a video of Caaya through our phone. WE SCANNED IT FROM BARCODE IN OUR PLATE. I think this is creativity beyond the imagination. FYI the barcode on our plate are made from Squid’s ink.

Gulai Tunjang
Finally something a little bit normal is served on my table. Gulai tunjang is made from offal (“jeroan”), rice flour, sambal krecek, kikil and sambal ijo. The good thing to be praised for this menu is they can make the smell of jeroan is off and i can enjoy this food since i really hate jeroan.

Steak Bumbu Rendang

Teh Gemblong
Steak Bumbu Rendang
Steak with rendang flavour and has a coconut sauce on it. I love the texture and the flavour of rendang on it. It’s really bring the indonesian taste on this menu.

Teh Gemblong
You have to smell the taste of tealeaf provided from Caaya team while eating this. They said it will affect the taste of gembong itself. And you know what? It’s true!

Actually there are another menu that has been served here but i couldn’t take any picture of it. A little spoiler in the end of your visit, they will provide you with their famous dessert menu which require you for using raincoat. It’s extremely fun and great to close that night, so if you want to know what dessert it is, make your reservation now on Namaaz Dining!

Namaaz Dining
Jl. Gunawarman No.42, Senopati, Jakarta
Namaaz Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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