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안녕하세요친구 ! In this occasion, i want to introduce you one of hotel buffet restaurant in this J-Town named "Rasa Restaurant". Located at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta (previously known as "Intercontinental Midplaza"), Rasa Restaurant bring a casual dining experience as you can see from their decoration. 

With an open kitchen concept, Rasa Restaurant bring you the cuisines from around the world such as Asian, Japanese, Western and of course Indonesian Cuisine. Rasa Restaurant has an elegant decoration through their backdrop of rich hardwoods, gleaming silver and soothing stone which bring the perfection on your dining experience.

 Dessert Station

 Dessert Station

On this occasion, i have been invited to enjoy their new Sunday Brunch concept with only 388.000 nett/person. Since Rasa Restaurant is located next to Ayana Midplaza Swimming Pool, this Sunday Brunch offer you the exciting experience with your family to enjoy their delicious brunch while having a good time in the pool with your kids. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

  Dessert Station

 Japanese Sushi Corner

Indonesia Cuisine Corner

Now let's talk about the food, as i mentioned before Rasa Restaurant offer you many kind of cuisines around the world here. You can find BBQ Grill, Japanese Sushi Corner, Tandoor Kitchen, Hot Wok Counter and of course my favorite Dessert Station.

 Berries Champagne Jelly

Talking about Dessert Station, i should say Rasa Restaurant has what i called "Heaven of Dessert". This station will make your appetite of dessert being satisfied instantly. And what a good thing is, i also can find some of my favorite dessert from Blue Terrace here ! What a blessing 😁

What i love the most in Rasa Restaurant beside their dessert is their Seafood! I have a chance to try their Singapore Crab and Holy Crab this is so delicious. I'm in love with the sauce which i think become the main point of this menu. The sauce has a savoury flavor and the saltiness in on point for me. 

 Prime Ribs

Lamb Leg Guling

Oh yeah they also provide a pork menu here which i couldn't say anything about the pork because I'm a certified pork lover (lol) and i love the fact that they have it ! Another highlight of their buffet is maybe their Kambing Guling (Lamb Leg Guling) with a richness of flavor in their sauce. Don't forget to try their Iga Panggang (Prime Ribs) which has a great texture of ribs and it's also tender in your mouth.

Japanese Sushi Corner

Japanese Sushi Corner

Honorable mention : their sashimi is a must try here (and also their nigiri sushi and uramaki), their sushi corner will blow your mind away if you love a raw things. Mashed potato of their short ribs menu also one of my love in this buffet and last but not a least Salmon Fried with the freshness that you can't deny. 

Ayam Paniki 

From the asian cuisine, i love their nasi goreng wah kacau (fried rice) with chicken and ox-tail in it. Their ayam paniki from northern sulawesi also my favorite with the spicy and savory taste in it. 

 Mango Coconut Jelly

Matcha Loves Ogura

With a great service of their staff, Rasa Restaurant is a best choice to spend your Sunday with your family. So what are you waiting for? Book your reservation now!

Rasa Restaurant
Ayana Midplaza Jakarta
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 10-11
(021) 2510888
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